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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Durham

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning and Some Reasons To Have The Ducts Cleaned


We are a local company in Durham, members of and certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Our customers include schools, hospitals, hotels, pharmaceutical companies, residential apartment buildings, and other industrial businesses, as well as residential clients. We serve a wide region from the coast of North Carolina to Fayetteville, Charlotte, and the Winston-Salem area.

HVAC restoration, or commercial duct cleaning, is the service we provide. We have extensive experience, including addressing sick building syndrome and increasing the energy efficiency of commercial grade HVAC systems. Our service noticeably improves the flow of fresh air within any building.

On all our commercial contracts, we utilize top of the line equipment, including our truck mounted, negative pressure air duct cleaning system. This industry standard best practice ensures that there is no leakage and return of airborne contaminants during the cleaning process.

Industrial and Commercial Air Duct Cleaning – Systems and Processes

We emphasize efficiency and effectiveness in both air duct cleaning and HVAC restoration for our commercial and industrial properties. We work closely with property managers in the area to ensure the highest standards of service for our industrial and commercial clients.

Before hiring any company some investigation of the competition must be done. We encourage potential clients to look at several contractors to compare prices and client testimonials of quality. It is important to also make sure the company being hired is qualified to provide the necessary Durham Commercial Air Duct Cleaning services. Commercial air duct cleaning company – services schools, hospitals, hotels, pharmaceutical companies, apartment buildings and industrial businesses. NADCA Certified