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What criteria should I use when selecting an HVAC system cleaner?

You should interview local contractors and ask them to come to your home and perform a system inspection and give you a quotation. The following suggestions will ensure you engage a reputable contractor:

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• Interview contractors in your local area;
• Require contractors to come to your home to make an inspection and give you a quote;
• Make sure that the contractor you select is in good standing with NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) and verify the status of staff NADCA certifications;
• Gauge the company’s experience by their business longevity;
• Require proof of both adequate insurance and proper licensing;
• Get a detailed account of the specifics of what will be inspected and cleaned in the air ducts and related components;
• Avoid sales pitches that advertise low prices and whole house specials as these may lead to poor results;
• Obtain references from people you know about the companies you are considering;
• Check that the company uses industry standard equipment and has experience in cleaning houses such as yours.

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